Hazmat Hero (YouTube demo) was a popular Android app that allowed truckers to enter load information and calculate the required hazmat placards. The app was discontinued sometime in 2013, leaving drivers without a good mobile solution for truck placarding. We at Sheridan Programmers Guild regularly receive questions about Hazmat Hero and mobile placarding solutions in general due to our related Hazardous Materials products. We’re interested in either locating or developing a replacement solution.

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Hazmat Hero - hazmat placarding app for truckers

This page is operated in good faith, as we believe the original Hazmat Hero app to be entirely discontinued. If you happen to be the original app’s developer, Joe Hazmat, please get in touch with us. We are interested in a hazmat placarding solution along the lines of your app.

Hazmat Placarding Solutions

One placarding solution we’ve discovered is Placard Wizard from TimothyRidge, LLC. (See the comment left by reader Mike below.). They have already developed web, iOS, and Android versions and are working on a Windows version. The web version is aimed at corporate users, while the mobile apps are aimed at individual drivers. The mobile apps run $29.99.

Placard Wizard App at Google Play Placard Wizard App at the Apple App Store

If you want to evaluate the corporate version, use the coupon code SPGWizard when you request it. You’ll get an extended free trial if you do.

(And let us know if you try Placard Wizard and how you like it. Or if you find another app to replace HazmatHero. Just leave us a quick comment below.)

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